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  • Whats up with the color change? Did Soulzz mess with site settings again? Or have I missed something?
    Hey man, I'm a comp player and I don't have premium, so I like to play on servers that are just vanilla maps. Your domination server is one of the more consistent ones up, so if you could please remove my ban or tell me what I need to do to get it removed, that would be awesome! Thanks!
    I have a couple of questions for you, if you have the time. My first question/issue is with punkbuster. I have noticed, that punkbuster kicks me after about 3-4 minutes on every server. I also have had a packet loss issue as well. The other night during the -lTBGl- Com Event was booted as well. I have reinstalled etc... but to no avail. Teamspeak is also a handfull as of late, can hear everyone fine, but no one can seem to hear me. Again have rienstalled, looked at settings, and once again tried everything but to no avail. I use the chat box on the site for info, people have suggested Posting in the forums, which leads me to my next question. Do I have such privalagaes to Post topics? I can only reply from what I see. Also do I need to install or be running certain programs to be able to admin? I have a fair amount of knowledge in Computers, but cant seem to solve any of these issues. Maybe I am over looking something? Any suggestions?
    Hi, balls, ive been ban for i dont know the reason. I ask if someone seen madman (player) can you help. Thanks
    Hello balls2dawall
    my player name is Frostysnowman2 you have killed me on many occasions on bf2142. My question is I am a DiD member but have hesitated to apply to tbg for memberrship because soulzz banned me for something i didnt do but cant prove (crashing tbg servers) why i would do that i dont have a clue to.. If i try to joiu will soulzz lift ban also how much a month for joinig?
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