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  • Can you come handle these guys ramming us on the server right now? same time.. trying to jet ram us over and over.. 3rd time now
    My cousin just sent this to me, give it a quick read. It relates to BAE in a very negative light.

    Hero Marine Sues Defense Giant After Sniper Scope Fight | Danger Room |
    SpawnNdie is Duke. I didn't see you asking until I left. Most people already know. Cheers mate. I was on a new computer and I didn't have TS loaded.. C U later Sarge!!
    Really enjoyed my first run at the vietnam expansion, although the SQD and Hardcore modes are new to me, I am gaining ground quickly. Now it is a matter of retraining my self to aim, and learning the new maps. My 30 tial for membership is coming to an end, didnt know if there is something I could do to further my chances at becoming a member, or how I stand up to this point. I really try to participate, in discussion, and gameplay as much as I can. I am more a reserved person most of the time but love listening to you guys on vent, at the same time I will conversate, but try not to overstep my boundaries. I also will be making a donation, and if voted in will donate every month as well. Other than that was just curious on anything else i am missing that could better my chances. Well be safe have a good one, and will see you guys on the killing fields this evening.
    You got me thinking when we were on Vent the other day, about the Vietnam expansion. I called back to game stop and spoke with a different person. Come to find out I was overcharged, and they ordered 2 games that were wrong. He also instructed me as you did, that I should go to the EA store and do the downlload. I am heading inot work early so I can get a refund from Gamestop, and when I come home this evening I am going to start my Vietnam download. I have been on a 4 day stretch of, 14 hour days, so wont be very active untill about Wednesday. Non the less it is all set, and looking forward to fraggin with you guys soon?
    I normally send data to Soulz.

    3 hackers in Strike at Karkand this morning.

    from pbbans

    [7:07:31 AM] HFwDiablo(GER) 4 bans in less than a month
    [7:22:12 AM] Roadwarrior1942: Pro epic_v1.o 2 bans One today
    [7:28:16 AM] Roadwarrior1942: Udie4Shure. multihack
    This one not at all ashamed of hack

    It is getting crazy lately.

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