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Apr 19, 2018
DICE canceled public statistics of global leaderboard three years ago.

After this, it will be difficult for players around the world to find results that can judge everyone.

A few days ago, I found that my friend made a website that can load BF4 STATS.

If it is possible, Can admin add a message to SpamBot to let everyone know?

BF4 STATS - DAs Gaming

Although this data is not real-time, it can be directly linked to the Battlelog.

I believe this should be liked by many players, Just provide the link to BF4 STATS in SpamBot.

I hope you can evaluate this.

Thank you!
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Damn this is nice! except... 300 dudes in antarctica playing bf4 on ps4 lmao
These are the only remaining BF4 STATS I found.

My friend is a programmer, I'm thinking he got the statistics API of Battlefield 4 to make a website like this.

If the admin could make this website known to everyone, At least it can let everyone know that this 10-year-old game still has top players working hard.

Because statistics don’t lie, You can also find each player's battle report for the last 70 rounds on this website, There must be many people who need this.