Application to Join True Born Gaming


Registered User
Nov 2, 2021
Your age? 21

The ALIAS you use regularly and PLEASE include your FIRST NAME TheBooleanBandit AKA Dixie Normus

Your STEAM ID (If applicable) Dixie Normus

Discord User Name Dixie Normus#9470

What game or games would you like to represent TBG? Battlefield, Fishing Simulator, Titanfall 2

What TBG server(s) do you primarily play on? Rush, Lockers

Where are you located? Denver

What is your Occupation/School? Software Engineer

Are you consistently able to support TBG financially? Yes

What made you apply to us? Pac and Jeff have asked me every day for more than a month when I was going to apply. Also, you guys are super fun to play with (except for Jeff he is lame)

Will you be active and dedicated to TBG? This may include populating or seeding servers. Yes

Can you fluently understand the English language? Yea

Any additional comments you would like to add? I was told explicitly to say that "Pac should get all credit for recruiting me and that Jeff did nothing"