Ban Appeal Battlebit Remastered

jewish sleeper agent

Registered User
Mar 31, 2024
In Game Name hello?

Steam ID (If Applicable) 1535976743

Which Game? Battlebit Remastered

Which Server? Battlebit - Domination

Approximate Date/Time that you were banned 3/31/24 8:48 PM

Admin that banned you (If you remember) Dan

If possible, the reason that you might have got banned for he told me to change my name. It was jewish sleeper agent before. So I changed it.

Any additional comments you would like to add? no
That'll work.

I hope you understand why I had to ban you until change, Your name has a banned word in it that resulted in another player getting banned just by trying to call you out in chat. In the future please refrain from having anything religiously, politically or racially charged in your name to continue to play on our servers.

I've already lifted this ban and you should be able to rejoin.