Ban Appeal Battlefield 3


Registered User
Feb 10, 2024
In Game Name Doolangue (

Which Game? Battlefield 3

Which Server? Battlefield 3 - All maps conquest

Approximate Date/Time that you were banned 01/12/2023

Admin that banned you (If you remember) (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

If possible, the reason that you might have got banned for Maybe it's because I only play the sniper class and always use the M98b. Weapon with which I became an expert and have many hours of play and several kills.

Any additional comments you would like to add? Battlefield 3 is my favorite game and it has few online servers. I'm clean and would never harm anyone, I hope that soon I can return to this server and join the community. Thank you for your attention.
So far I haven't received any feedback yet. Could someone please take responsibility and decide?
You were banned in October 2022 for having links to a previously banned account, please wait while we continue looking into this.