Ban Appeal Battlefield 4


Registered User
Apr 2, 2024
In Game Name FullMetalSunbro

Steam ID (If Applicable) FullMetalSunbro

Which Game? Battlefield 4

Which Server? Battlefield 4 - Lockers 24/7

Approximate Date/Time that you were banned 4/2/2024

Admin that banned you (If you remember) No idea.

If possible, the reason that you might have got banned for There was a spawn beacon for my squad, I didnt know where it was placed specifically but I assume one of my squadmates exploit climbed up the ledge to place the beacon there. When I spawned on it, I IMMEDIATELY went down from the ledge instead of scumming. Pretty much instantaneously I was issues a ban. I tried to rejoin and it did not let me. This is my most played server on BF4 and I always come back just to play on it. I cannot imagine this ban being a good thing for anyone. I did not see the discord rule to not contact admins about these things. I apologize for messaging a few of you about it.

Any additional comments you would like to add? I do not mind if you take your time, but I would appreciate any form of promptness as I would like to continue playing on your lockers server for as long as it is still up.
Lifted, this isn't the first time... we are tweaking plug-in as this spot used to just kick you and let you rejoin instead of auto-ban. Let us know if you have troubles rejoining.