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    Reporting Battlefield 4 Player SerbianSoldier

    Players In Game Name SerbianSoldier Which Game? Battlefield 4 Which Server? Other What is your in game name? Feral_Midget Date and time approximately 7/31/22 2:30 PM Eastern Offense committed Griefing, deliberate TK Additional comments Server was Hardcore All BF4 Maps +DLC (not...
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    Reporting a Player

    Ya know what, I'm going to drop this. Most of his TK's happened before I started recording, and it's a ten minute video with only two TK's on it ( he spent a lot of time just wounding me). I don't want to waste your time with it. Maybe the guy just had a bad day and had to be dick to...
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    Reporting a Player

    User name: Feral_Midget What is your in-game alias? Feral Midget What is the game server name? ! Hardcore All BF4 maps CONQ TBGCLAN.COM BF4DB/PBBANS Which Game is this for? BF4 Date and time approximately: 7/8/2019 8:40 PM Which player are you reporting? Kronzrr Offense...