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Thank you heninator! I come to these forums regularly in seek of a juicy thread to read. Your ban appeal finally hit the spot.
Hi guys, i am trynna find friends to play bf3 PC, my discord Jacob#2301, feel free to add me ass a friend
Taking a break from gaming, taking care of personal shit. Gonna be inactive a while. Don't buttban me pls
Hey man, its been a while. Wanted to ask a quick favor.
Can you help me out get back to the naval server that I was banned about over a year ago? I made a ticket on it way back but one of the admins denied me over a dumb joke I said on chat. I would really appreciate playing in the server again if possible. Hope my punishment has been enough.
What was the joke? If it was a racial/ethnic joke I'm afraid those bans don't get lifted. You should still be able to play on other TBG servers.
Hey Matt I was banned for asking another player to say Bennas its just a silly word means no harm but I was banned and when I appealed one admin said "its obvious what you were trying to do appeal denied" I am not sure what he means could you lift the ban? If not at least explain what I did to deserve the ban? Thanks
This was on the tgb locker 90hz server btw