TBG Battlefield Server Rules - February 2024

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Jun 25, 2021
The following offenses will result in a permanent ban from any Battlefield server.

1. Hacking. Whether it be a form of Multihack, Aimbot, etc. You will be reported to BF4DB and Battlefield Agency. It will get caught. Don't even try. If you see another player abusing these please obtain video evidence and submit it as a report on our forums or on our discord.

2. Glitching. Whether it be into ceilings, Under the map or into areas that you are not supposed to get to. If it was not intended by Dice at release then it should not be done. If you see another player abusing these glitches please obtain video evidence and submit it as a report on our forums or on our discord.
2.(a) Exceptions. On Lockers above E flag there is a position on the mountain within the borders of the map and above D flag outside there is "netting" that you can get on top of. You are allowed to use these positions.
On Metro at A Flag In the two buildings. You are allowed to "Parkour" up to the third floor of both buildings, However the fourth floor is strictly off limits.
On Sunken Dragon. There is a building between CN spawn and Delta flag. If you use any means to glitch up there - C4 launching or other means. You will be warned, Killed, Kicked and Banned as per admin discretion. As this is an unintended area for you to reach. Helicopters cannot attack you up there and make it an unfair advantage.
In BF3 on Tehran Highway. If you use any means to glitch OOB onto the top of the highway, You will be Warned, killed, Kicked and Banned as per Glitching rules.

3. Movement Glitches. This includes Vouzou, Zouzou, Mouzou, Slither and any other glitch that would cause your player to move further than the game intends. If you see another player abusing these glitches please obtain video evidence and submit it as a report on our forums or on our discord.

4. Racism. This includes attempting to get around our filter by intentionally misspelling the word, spelling it differently or typing it in multiple messages.
- 4(a). Emblems. If your emblem includes anything related to Nazism, the German SS or anything racist, You will be banned. However if you are willing to change your emblem, you will be given a second chance.
- 4(b). Other Languages. Some languages have alternate spellings of words that result in those words being caught by our filter. These will be handled on a case by case scenario on our forums if you wish to appeal it. However there are some that still fall under the unappealable section. Please be sure to read the bold red text when filling out a ban appeal.
-4(c). Player names. If your Origin name has anything racist in it or any specific lettering that would result in another player being banned from the server from saying your name. You will be banned and asked to change your name in order to be unbanned.

5. Advertising. If you are caught advertising your clan or another server you will be banned from that server.

The Following offenses will result in a Warn/Kill/Kick/Ban.

How this system works is if there is an admin in the server at the time they will issue you a warning via Chat, or @Yell ( which will pop up in the middle of your screen in bold lettering )
If you proceed to continue with your actions you will then be killed. If that doesn't catch your attention you will be kicked. If you continue to proceed with your actions you will receive a permanent ban from that server until you decide to appeal it.

1. Griefing. Griefing is defined as; if a player whom deliberately irritates, harasses, teamkills, destroys another players equipment, Intentionally stands in front of or runs into another players equipment or vehicle such as a mortar, UCAV, Tank or other vehicle and initiates an intentional teamkill, Piloting a vehicle such as a tank, Jet, Helicopter or other offensive vehicles and not using it to effectively take it out of the game, Ramming another teammates vehicle to push them or deliberately does not intend to play the game by harassing said player. Also, If you are the pilot of a helicopter, Mainly the Attack Helicopter, And another player hops into the gunner seat that you do not want. You cannot sit there and refuse to fly.

2. Ramming. Whether this be Air to Air or Air to ground. It is not allowed. However if it is unintentional such as; you lose control of your vehicle because you have taken too much damage, or unintentionally crashed mid-air due to a mistake. Please apologize in chat and continue on with gameplay.

3. Attacking the Uncap. An Uncap is defined as the enemy players spawn usually outside the accessible map and play area for the opposing team. If you are found to be attacking an enemies spawn and camping them action will be taken against you.
- 3(a). Players shooting out of Uncap. If an enemy player is actively shooting out of their uncap via a weapon, vehicle or equipment such as a Mortar, UCAV or other piece of equipment. They are then fair game to shoot back at. This does not mean that you are clear to light up the entire enemy team. You may only attack the Player(s) that are confirmed to be shooting from their Uncap. This includes destroying their equipment.
- 3(b). Returning to Uncap to repair. Doing this does not give you protection. Just because you are repairing does not mean you are not an active player. Anyone with an AA, Jet, Helicopter or another way to shoot at you may do so to take you out of the play. Uncap will not protect you.
- 3(c). Lockers and Metro. These 2 maps are exempt from Uncap rules. Because their first objective on both sides of both maps are so close to Uncaps. They are not enforced with these rules. Players may shoot at anyone they see as soon as they can. This however does not mean that you can run into their Uncap just to farm kills.
- 3(d). Base Camping. On all other maps you are not allowed to wait just outside of the enemies base for them to exit their uncap just for the purpose of farming kills or widdling down their tickets. You must give them ample time to be able to leave their uncap and engage in the fight. This includes waiting with Anti Air for jets to take off. They must be given ample time to engage or evade.

4. Teamkilling. This only takes effect on the Hardcore server. If you are to unintentionally teamkill another player please apologize for it and move on. It happens, not everyone is a Spec Ops warrior with a perfect trigger finger. If a player teamkills you, DO NOT retaliate and teamkill them back. If you suspect them of doing it intentionally, Please gain video evidence and provide the kill log which can be found on our "Stats" page and write up a report on the forums.

5. Toxicity in chat. There is a fine line between the chat we all know that can be filled with swears, people yelling at each other and general nonsense. However if a player is to begin to spam chat, or fill it up with intentional toxicity that begins to effect the gameplay of others action will be taken against them. We do not police the chat, Administrators whom are in the server would rather be playing the game than policing it.
- 5(a). Harassment. Any player that deems it necessary to constantly target, harass, and/or spend their entire game berating a single other player in the match leading up to them ultimately leaving the server will be subject to punishment at an administrators discretion. This will not be tolerated as we want all players to be able to feel welcome and safe in our community and on our servers.

6. Command Abuse. Abusing the !surrender command to skip maps you do not like will result in a temporary ban from that server. The only time you should be using the !surrender command is when there is a major ticket difference. For example 600-100 or more than 50% of the ticket deficit.

7. Political Chat. We all use video games as a gateway outside of the IRL world and thus we would like to ask that you refrain from political chat in the game. This includes talking about IRL events or attempting to spread hate through a political belief. Keep the game to the game. Keep IRL out of it. If an in game admin wishes you to cease a line of conversation then you are to listen to them and stop.

All in all. Have common sense. It should not have to be reiterated here. Play the game. Have Fun.

If you would like to report a player for any of the above offenses you may do so by here.
When providing a report please provide evidence towards said player. We would prefer video proof but will also take screenshots and links to stat pages.

If you would like to appeal your ban for an offense you may do so here.
All players are entitled to write up a ban appeal. However do read the bold red text on the appeal form in order to get things correct.

This thread will be updated periodically as time progresses if players are able to find loopholes or if new rules are made or existing ones are changed.
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