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  • fritz.. do you have time to look at a player? his stats are questionable and his gameplay is a bit too good.
    Welcome to Fpstools.net battlefield bad company 2 cheat detector+
    he's in our SQDM isle server
    Hey bud, can you add a crysis 2 channel in vent now that the game is out.
    On the All Titans Server for BF2142 I have been kicked for having a high "ping" rate by an admin. First of all, I am just a gamer... computer hardware I do know about, but software is not my forte. I have PB installed and have played the TBG Servers on all my toons and never been kicked to my knowledge for anything. What is this "ping" rate (mine was 204) and why does it get me kicked? Please mail me about what is up. Thanks (N.A.D. Malevol).
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