About a BF3 Metro Server


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Sep 4, 2020
Hello guys, so after years old Metro Servers in North America closed, and i think would be nice have a TBG server with OP.Metro Conquest 1200tickets(or more) 64 or 48 players. I love this map, my childhood and high school was playing in this map hours and hours, really love it! What you guys think about :D?
We could try extending the tickets but I think having at 48 makes the server unique.
We could try extending the tickets but I think having at 48 makes the server unique.

He is referring to a dedicated BF3 Metro server that we don't already have in place, his initial request came through discord and I directed him here.......hopefully @DBZ can update his post to reflect his request for a BF3 Metro server
Oh snap, I didn’t realize. Not sure about that but maybe!

Personally I am all for a back to basics, dedicated BF3 Metro Rush server.....but that's just me, it would have to be something that the existing TBG BF3 community was ok with
Also, I mentioned this in our private discussions, but haven't posted publicly, BF3/BF4 are both 75% off in Origin store right now........sale ends on the 15th
Metro conquest, or metro rush? I see OP requested conquest, so I'm going to assume that.........lol
I know this topic is 3 years old but... Is it possible the server comeback again? We missed Metro Only NA server...
Dont think there is enough players in the game to sustain a metro server. :O

Hmm, well good question, if doesn't work op.metro only, would be good mix with tdm noshahr canals as well.. i guess would work this way
I mean. Metro is part of the rotation on the all conquest server.... sooo.... vote for it.
I'm just asking for smth that existed in the past.
And it was removed due to lack of playerbase and the fact that it was costing us money for that.

In the interest in this community growing into more relevant and new games. We decided to Remove that server due to lack of playerbase.
In the same moment we got rid of BF4 TDM and water maps

We now have 4 consistently full Battlebit Remastered Servers thanks to that.