Reporting Battlefield 4 Player ALA12Torrejon


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Apr 19, 2018
Players In Game Name ALA12Torrejon

Which Game? Battlefield 4

Which Server? BF4 [TBG] 60Hz | HARDCORE ALL MAPS | JOIN US -

What is your in game name? HATANO_KENJI

Date and time approximately 2024/7/4 PM 21:56 PST

Offense committed This guy often likes to use C4 bomb trucks to harass me, As long as I am in the server, he will follow me and try his best to put C4 in my car to detonate it.

I hope he can be punished.

Additional comments Evidence video:

Battle report
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Player is permanently banned, they were previously issued a temporary ban for intentional teamkilling / griefing and have at least 6 more reports in addition to the above.