Reporting Battlefield 4 Player VRODLegend

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Feb 14, 2022
Players In Game Name VRODLegend

Which Game? Battlefield 4

Which Server? BF4 [TBG] 60HZ | BF2 & BF3 MAPS + SILK |

What is your in game name? dmtjuulpod

Date and time approximately 09-17-2022 3am EST

Offense committed Aimbot & ESP

Additional comments I was flying jet and this guy was hitting some insane shots on me and my squad mate, just hitting every single shot from decent range, then I got in att heli and tried sneaking up on him a few times behind the wall on caspian, everytime i would peak he was already lasering me not missing a single shot and i was un spotting myself, i left the game to spectate and took some recordings, looks like aimbot to me the tracking is just way too smooth, I think he has aimbot for the actives too, once he lands a mobility hit the aimbot can lead the 20mm shots better. also after each kill his aimbot seems to snap to the next player //////
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