[BF3] Talah Market on the server rotation


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Jul 30, 2022
I've come across with Gravity's videos on the best BF maps, and was blown away with the depiction of Talah Market (as seen below).

Would it be possible to include it in the server rotation? It already has the other Aftermath maps.

I know. But checking the rotation, Talah Market is the only one absent.
ah yes because that map isn’t made for conquest, it’s a mode called conquest assault
For what it's worth, both Strike at Karkand and Sharqi Peninsula are available as Conquest Assault in the rotation (I was just playing the first one in fact). It's basically conquest, but with a team starting with the control of the flags -- and less tickets than the other team.

If you can check out the possibility of including Talah, I'd sincerely appreciate it. Don't think there will be another opportunity to play it.
I added all the maps that are conquest assault, its runs periodically.

Keep in mind this is only on weekends.