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Gonna delete this account here, TBG clan unfortunately (intentionally or not, Idk) protects cheaters on their servers. Shame, it was once a good clan.
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Circumventers on Gaming Servers is nothing new but almost impossible to catch them all. This has no bearing on the quality of service or of live on a TBG Server. I believe, TBG is working hard to eliminate as many of these undesirables as possible. When you get rid of one five (5) take their place. It is a never-ending battle. Game On.;)
- I understand and have read the Rules of Engagement
- I understand and have read the Code of Conduct
- I understand and have read regarding Admin Disrespect
- I understand and have read When to Kick when to Ban
Please jhony I asked you nicely to stop sniping me and you still keep doing it!!! At this point it is harassment.
QUESTION there a day when WE'RE all on the same team in a server ? that would be great I feel stranded at times even though I'm on one of the squad servers....SEMPER FI
Hi, not sure if I'm writing this in the correct place but could you let me know how long I'm banned for? Cheers.
I have never been in trouble on your servers before, so I hope you believe me when I say if I had known the context of it I wouldn't be using it. I've seen it used many English speaking places so I didn't think anything of it. I want to politely ask for a second chance, or a second opinion. I understand a ban, but a permanent ban for a misunderstanding doesn't seem reasonable. I await your reply. -K
The rule about Racial slurs used in any context is plastered all over our servers, You see it while loading in, You see it once loaded in and it is posted in the chat box routinely.

If I were in your shoes, If you are unsure about a word, either don't use it entirely or do some research and figure out what it means before using it.
MAN it sure would be nice if we all coordinated our firepower and deployments together on the servers ....but we still kick ass !
Hey, just an FYI its still kicking me for the ban when I try to join TBG All Conquest, any help would be appreciated. Thanks