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  • LiveLeak.com - Swarm Of Helicopters Arrive at Airbase Pretty Chill vid here, you flying any of these? :D
    i would have the intercourse with the female in your picture, and i would take her out for breakfast the next day.
    Dude thanks so much for the help I really appreciate it. I just want to let you know that the town i am in will be with out Internet for about a week there phone and Internet company just got bought out and is getting replaced. Any who bro thanks for the help again. I cant thank you enough.

    This jerk tonight was raping the MEC helipad on Sharqi really bad. He had 80 kills and no deaths, and he was talking a bunch of shit. Can you ban this dude? his name is xmetallicaxguitarstx. It seriously got me angry enough to come and register on the forums, just to report him somehow. Thanks. oh btw it's echo 2720 - long time player on your tbg server.
    hey can you jump on ts for a few if you r around, i need help with my bf2 install....its being retarded
    need to unban notch he is a good guy did not mean to break the rules. our community f4a.com come to your server all the time and respect your rules (n8o,f4a,op4,)
    I found that incredibly funny yesterday. I'm on the server for 20 seconds and you run me over in a Talon.

    "Welcome to TBG, here's the front end of a gunship"
    Dirty Lex- If I am reading your posts correctly I'm a little confused at the response. I do not fly nor do I comment on peoples actions as I play the game. I generally do not even pay attention to what is being written. I also do no belong to any clan. I'm just a Director of IT for a large corporate 300 corporation and I just play online while on the road. Are you sure you have the correct person. As stated - I truly do not know what I did. I was on a Titan, I just scored a "kill" and bam - I was blocked.
    Can you verify or is there a way to verify you have the right person. I did submit a request to have my ban revoked - so I was hoping to get this matter cleared up. My alais is Scorpion1962. Are you sure it was me that did all of that? I'm postive I did not. Sorry. Thank you.
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