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    I have not gotten a VIN yet, however, I do live in Maine. My friend has one and it for sure suffers in winter but not enough to make me change my mind. There is a part about it that most people just do not know.
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    In line for a Model 3 LR. Hopefully within the next month.
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    Any Tesla owners in here? What do you think? Mine is on order, so I don't have it yet.
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    Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard in $68.7 billion deal

    This will be interesting to see how it actually works out.
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    Amazon's Fallout series begins production this year

    Even though I personally have not really played the game, I would be very interested in watching a series like this!!
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    Happy Holidays everyone

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
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    No more dealing with my crap Logitech headset

    Most of my headphones have been Logitech and mostly been happy, but hopefully you find more happiness with the Razer. I went Corsair Virtuoso.
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    New games for the holidays

    Maybe some Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams would suffice!! I prefer Battlefield 2042!! lol
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    Introducing myself

    Thank you for being here!!
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    Sevendust..My fav band for the last 20 years..

    What I have heard from them I have enjoyed.
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    Let's talk about the state of BF2042

    I have enjoyed it so far and not experienced too many issues. It could be better for sure and I am hoping the big launch they will have a day one patch and fix some things.
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    Do you own Battlefield 2042?

    Look me up DrgaSmic
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    New AMD build!

    Solid build. Love that AMD has finally come back to the game. Now if they can just not allow themselves to get behind now!!
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    Things you can't unsee on Tiktok...

    Love TikTok. Very funny!!
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    Welcome Back Kotter

    Stopping in to say Hi!! Been away for awhile and looking to get back into this Clan. Proudly wore the tags before and always thought is was a good community to be a part of. I cheated on you guys and slept with Overwatch!! It led me down a path that has basically ended!! Hoping to hook up with...